Latin Music Legends: Behind the Scenes with Coco

For the past three weekends, LRAV’s audio engineer, Reynaldo “Coco” Medina, has been making waves in the Latin music scene. Known for his exceptional talent and dedication, Coco has been the front-of-house engineer for two of the most iconic Latin artists of all time: Elvis Crespo and Olga Tañón. This opportunity  has taken him across international borders, bringing electrifying performances to audiences in Texas, Guatemala, and Venezuela.

A Journey Across Borders

Coco’s journey began with a significant gig in Houston, Texas, where he was the front-of-house engineer for Olga Tañón. Tañón, an exceptional female Latin singer, is best known from bringing the merengue genre all around the world with many hits such as “Es Mentiroso,” which has nostalgically reminded audiences with its catchy rhythm and poignant lyrics from her beginnings around 1994. Coco’s role was pivotal in delivering an audio experience to the massive crowd. His technical work ensured that Tañón’s powerful vocals and the rich instrumentation of her band were perfectly balanced, creating an unforgettable experience for her fans.

Following his success in Houston, Coco embarked on a whirlwind weekend in Guatemala, where he joined Elvis Crespo, the legendary Latin artist celebrated for his hit song “Suavemente.” This 1998 merengue classic catapulted Crespo to global fame, becoming an anthem in clubs and parties worldwide. Even Bad Bunny copied the style of this music video for his hit “Neverita”. Coco’s role was crucial in ensuring that Crespo’s vibrant energy and infectious beats translated perfectly to the live audience. His expertise in managing sound quality, balancing audio levels, and creating an all around experience for concert-goers was evident in the beats that echoed through the venue.

Coco’s next stop was Venezuela, where he continued his collaboration with Crespo, bringing the same level of professionalism and passion to the stage. The Venezuelan audience, known for their love of merengue and salsa, were treated to a night of high-energy performance, with Coco’s sound engineering ensuring that every note was pitch-perfect for the crowd. His ability to adapt to different venues and acoustics showcased his versatility and deep understanding of audio engineering.

The Expertise Behind the Scenes

Reynaldo “Coco” Medina’s journey over these past weekends highlights the crucial role of a front-of-house engineer in the live music industry. While the artists are the stars of the show, it is the behind-the-scenes work of professionals like Coco that ensures their performances are flawless. From setting up the sound system and conducting sound checks to monitoring audio levels during the concert and troubleshooting any issues that arise, Coco’s responsibilities are demanding.

His ability to work under pressure, combined with his technical skills and deep musical knowledge, make him an important asset to live performances. Coco’s recent experiences with Olga Tañón and Elvis Crespo are a testament to his dedication and expertise. By blending technology and artistry, he enhances the audience’s experience, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the music.

Celebrating Coco’s Achievements

At LRAV, we are incredibly proud of Coco’s accomplishments and the recognition he has garnered in the industry. His recent work with Tañón and Crespo not only highlights his individual talents but also showcases the high standards and professionalism that LRAV upholds. Coco’s ability to adapt to different artists, genres, and venues speaks volumes to excellence. His dedication for his craft are inspiring, and we look forward to seeing where his talents take him next.

As we celebrate Coco’s achievements, we are reminded of the importance of every team member in the success of a live performance. Whether it’s the artists on stage or the engineers behind the scenes, each plays a vital role in creating a memorable experience for the audience.

Coco’s work with Olga Tañón and Elvis Crespo is a shining example of the impact that skilled audio engineering can have on live performances. At LRAV, we are honored to have Coco as part of our team and are excited to support him in his future endeavors.


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