Venue Assessments

How to do a venue assessment that your AV team will love you for.

Attention all event planners! Planning a remarkable event extravaganza requires meticulous venue assessments. Do you want to be your AV Teams favorite client? Let’s dive in and create unforgettable events that leave a smile on everyone’s face!

  1. The Space Where Magic Unfolds: When it comes to venues, size matters! Optimize the available space to accommodate your AV needs effortlessly. This includes taking photos of the space that your AV team will be in. Some places that will be helpful to take photos of is the dock space, ballroom, the ceilings and power outlets!


  2. Energizing AV Awesomeness: Empower your AV team by making sure they have access to the necessary power outlets. Make sure that your venue will provide ample electrical resources strategically placed throughout the space. Let your tech heroes channel their energy into crafting an unforgettable audiovisual performance.


  3. Rigging: If you are putting lights, speakers or projectors up in the air it’s really important to collaborate closely with the venue to identify sturdy rigging and mounting points and take photos of the rigging points! Ensure a stable foundation for your equipment, sparing your AV team any impromptu circus acts.


  4. Connecting the AV Universe: Talk to your venue about internet and what packages are available. Venues can provide wired internet which is important to use for streaming which will help keep your AV team in the digital fast lane. Let them stream, share, and collaborate without any unexpected interruptions. Smooth internet sailing, with no detours through the Buffering Zone!


  5. Safety: A Priority that Never Fades: Familiarize yourself with venue safety protocols, emergency exits, and compliance standards. Ensure a secure environment for your AV team and attendees, making safety a priority without compromising the fun. Talk to your venue about about exit strategies for your event. Talk to your AV crew about safety protocols and taking proper breaks.


 By considering these essential factors, you’ll foster a seamless collaboration between your AV team and venues. Get ready to create extraordinary events leaving everyone with unforgettable memories and a shared sense of joy.

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