Views From the Tech Booth: Part 1

A lot of people outside of the Audio Visual world ask what really happens behind the scenes. They see the equipment and the technicians but the average person doesn’t really know what goes into building a successful event. In this series we are going to break down what it takes to make an extraordinary event. This will be from the first client interaction to the day of the show and everything in between. We want to take you behind the scenes and show you our view from the tech booth! 

So what goes into planning audio/visual for an event? Let’s go all the way back to the first interaction we have with the client. The relationship with our clients plays a critical role in how we manage and plan our shows. We want to build a mutual foundation of trust. We hope each client is one we create events with for a long time and pull off amazing experiences for all who attend. LRAV is client focused; we want to make sure that each client feels heard. We want to help bring their vision to life. 

One way we accomplish this is to create room diagrams and accurate quotes to give to our clients. This ensures that each client is equipped with a starting price and a visual to show them what they will be getting. By doing this we are able to plan properly for what we need to do and it gives the client clear expectations. Next we plan several meetings to go over the run of the show. Accurate planning is what makes an event successful. Communication with each team member about the event and what role they will be playing in said event. 

Once the details are figured out it’s time to make an accurate quote for your client and pull sheet for the warehouse. The pull sheets are how we prepare for the event and plan for what vehicles and drivers we will need logistically. Our warehouse manager will receive an event being confirmed. From there the process looks like testing gear and prepping gear to go out closer to load up day. When load up day comes, it’s usually all hands on deck. The cases are packed and ready to be placed on the truck. There’s a special science to packing and loading a truck and having someone direct you who knows how it should be done ensures smooth loading and also a smooth drive for whoever is transporting the gear to the venue. This is a small important detail because if a truck is loaded incorrectly or it is above weight, there can be issues like a truck tipping from improper balance. Ensuring a safe trip for our drives is important to us and it’s something we take seriously. 

So the truck is loaded and it’s on its way to the venue. Whether it’s local or across the country: there’s always something exciting about load in day. There’s local hands ready to unload and boxes being pushed in every direction. Like pieces to a puzzle all being rolled off to their respective places. As everyone gets busy building what our client dreamed up, it really is like a puzzle, you start to see the pieces all come together to create something really worthwhile and special. 

Truss, LED wall, projectors, screens, wires, mics, cameras and more slowly becoming the building blocks of what the event will be. Diagrams get pulled out and the team really dives into what needs to be done, tested and finished. Working together as one family to achieve one goal. And suddenly everything is done, tested, configured and ready to be put into practice…


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