AVPro Reunion

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In the world of Audiovisual (AV) professionals, networking and fostering strong connections are crucial for personal growth and business success. On July 25th, 2023, LRAV had the immense pleasure of participating in the 10th Annual Orlando AV & Production Family Reunion, an event organized by the dedicated efforts of Marc Alexander and William Seton. This occasion served as an ideal platform for professionals like LRAV to come together, share knowledge, and strengthen relationships in the AV industry.


This annual event has become a cornerstone for AV professionals from different backgrounds to converge, share experiences, and exchange ideas. The reunion provides a nurturing environment that fosters collaboration, learning, and growth while celebrating the collective passion for AV production. Without the dedication and vision of event organizers Marc Alexander and William Seton, the Orlando AV & Production Family Reunion would not be the success it has become. Their tireless efforts in planning, coordinating, and executing the event ensured that AV professionals had a platform to engage with like-minded peers, experts, and industry leaders. Their commitment to fostering camaraderie and professional development within the AV community has made a lasting impact.


LRAV found the Orlando AV & Production Family Reunion to be a truly enriching experience. The event presented numerous opportunities to meet and connect with fellow AV professionals, potential collaborators, and clients. The chance to mingle and engage in meaningful conversations with others in the field has the potential to open doors to exciting new projects and partnerships. We were thrilled to share our expertise and learn from the diverse array of talents present at the event.


The Orlando AV & Production Family Reunion goes beyond just networking; it fosters the development of meaningful relationships. The event encouraged attendees to bond through shared experiences, common goals, and a passion for AV production. We left the reunion with an expanded network of friends and colleagues, enabling us to collaborate and support each other in the future.


As LRAV reflects on our experience at the 10th Annual Orlando AV & Production Family Reunion, we cannot express enough gratitude to Marc Alexander and William Seton for organizing such a valuable event. It was an honor to be part of this gathering and connect with fellow AV professionals. The knowledge shared, relationships built, and memories created will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on our business. We look forward to future reunions and the continued growth and success of the AV industry as we all move forward together. Thank you, Marc Alexander, William Seton, and everyone involved in making this event a resounding success!


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