Technology for us is pairing High- End Equipment with Trained Technicians to bring a seamless experience for clients. When it comes to AV, we have you covered.


Full transparency

We provide a list of equipment below with the brand name and model so you can truly know what you’ll be getting when you choose LRAV. We encourage you to ask us questions and to do your own research by comparing our equipment to others. True, apples to apples.


Master Level trained technicians

While any company can possess advanced equipment, we believe that delivering exceptional service requires comprehensive expertise in utilizing that equipment to its fullest potential. Our leadership team alone has years of combined experience in the Audio/Visual industry. This extensive knowledge encompasses on-the-job training (AKA Seat Time), years of experience in the field, and advanced certifications. With LRAV we truly believe that knowledge and first-hand experience distinguish a good event from an outstanding event.

Our Service


LRAV Audio Engineers are born from the passion of marrying the art of audio engineering, and scientific approach to revolutionizing sound design for Corporate Events, enabling performance prediction. Our in-depth study of all areas – from raw materials to high-end technologies, software, and electronics – contributes to a unique and broad combination of expertise that helps deliver and experience the natural sound quality.


TF5, QL5, CL5, PM5, PM7, PM10


K1, K2, Kara, Kiva, KS28, P1


Axient with ShowLink

Coms System

RTS Odin

Clearcom Arcadia

FreeSpeak II





LRAV Video Engineers are exceptionally gifted at capturing the moments that matter in just the right way. Using the latest technology to its fullest potential. From video walls to help create a dynamic stage, or multi-camera shots that showcase different views for attendees to premium projection for a crisp, clear professional look and high quality graphics to ensure that the experience for clients, speakers and attendees is outstandingly seamless.


Barco S3, E2 with EC30 and EC210

Panasonic Laser 7K, 12K, and 20K


Screen- 10×30, 12×36, 13×37, and a few others

LED Walls 3.9 and 2.9

Video Switcher

ATEM Constellation 8K

ATEM TV Studio Pro 4K

ATEM Mini Extreme Switcher



LRAV Lighting Designers are the creative mind behind the innovation of countless scenes and stage sets to stun the audience on every event to leave a lasting impression. Using state of the art technology and software with intelligent lighting to create a wow factor sure to bring an ever-lasting impact to all types of events from small to grand.

Lighting Consoles

Hog 4-18

Hoglet 4

Hog DP8000

MA Lighting

GrandMA 3

Intelligent Lighting

Mac Aura PXL

SolaFrame 750

ColorForce II 48

Multiverse Wireless Studio Kit




X-BlitzzFX Cold Spark



LRAV offers fully comprehensive entertainment services for your events. So, what does that mean for you? Complete in-house services mean that you don’t need to worry about the details because we provide you with top of the line equipment along with our exceptional DJ’s, MCs and hosts, all in one place. Our entertainment department works alongside our clients to ensure the event we are servicing is out-of this-world! Turn any room into a party from corporate events to theme parks. We want to create magic with you for all attendees to enjoy!


DDJ-SRT 1000