DJ Ellie B at RunDisney’s Springtime Surprise

DJ Ellie B

DJ Ellie B at RunDisney’s Springtime Surprise

This past weekend at RunDisney’s Springtime Surprise race, the atmosphere was electrified as DJ Ellie B took the stage, spinning tunes that fueled both the spirit and soles of the runners. Known for her infectious energy and uplifting beats, she didn’t just mix tracks; she orchestrated an experience. With each beat drop, she infused the air with encouragement, lifting the spirits of every participant who passed by. Her selection of upbeat Disney songs were the perfect soundtrack, bringing smiles and motivation to all the runners. Completing a full weekend from 3am to 10am Friday to Sunday can be intense, but for our DJ’s it’s a chance to bring entertainment and fun to the RunDisney runners. As feet pounded the pavement and determination surged, Ellie B’s set became the heartbeat of the race, a beacon of positivity guiding every stride towards the finish line.

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April 23, 2024